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Kathryn Vercillo

  • Writer
  • Crocheter
  • Collager

Hue & Rodimus13

  • J: Hi I’m Joan, also called Hue. The writer of Hue Are You.
  • T: And I’m Thomas Also known online as Rodimus13. I’m the artist.

Richard Scanland

  • Writer
  • Screen plays

Priyanka Sagar

  • Quilting with Paper


  • Wordburning
  • Painting

Joshua Lee Ronin

  • Epica Fantasy writer

Carrie Ann Tredo

  • Assemblage
  • Sculpture

Monster Matt

  • Comics
  • Horror 
  • Horror Comedy

Greg Ratchuk

  • Comics
  • Horror 
  • Horror Comedy

Jikira @ Time 2 Glow

  • Nail Art

Aarushi Gurnani

  • Visual Artist
  • Maker
  • Ephemerist

Emily Splain

  • Visual Artist
  • Educator

Wendy Bale

  • Paper Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation

Samantha Bias

  • Solar Photography
  • Painting

Jesse Polman

  • Sci Fi Writing

Glori Feliciano

  • Abstract
  • Latinx Artist

Azriel Mordecai

  • Music
  • Illustration

Bryan Hopkins

  • Ceramicist

Cleveland Photo Fest

  • Photography Festival

Jason Braun

  • Woodworking
  • Drawing

Joseph Vargo

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Gothic melodies

Deb Eck

  • Assemblage
  • Textile Arts
  • Book making

Jeremy Lampkin

  • Abstract
  • Figure painting

James Hoggard

  • Photography

Artist vs. Public Image

Recently I had a friend imply that my artist interviews have “poor formatting,” after telling me to take out a joke I had included in the interview. Here I thought that not only was I the one giving the interview but that it should be fun and entertaining not static...

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☠️ First Official Post Here! ☠️

Hello All, I am trying to move everything over to my new site, from content (Jeremey Lampkin my webmaster did most of that for me!), documenting and adding New work, figuring out how to set up my newsletter and blog posts here. If at any time you see anything on the...

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